PPSC Preparation Books Exam 2024 Download

PPSC Preparation Books Exam 2024 Download – For many individuals, getting ready for the PPSC exam is their ambition. The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) administers exams to hire individuals for the public sector. PPSC administers both a 1200-mark PMS test and a single-paper MCQ exam. Thousands of people apply to work at PPSC. Several departments in Pakistan have requested PPSC to hire more staff members. Candidates must begin their PPSC preparation with a few trustworthy books if they hope to succeed.

PPSC Past Papers By Imtiaz Shahid PDF Free Download

Numerous coaching academies in major cities provide PPSC preparation services. Many PPSC candidates take the MCQ examination, which is a one-paper exam. We’ll highlight a few books in this post that can be helpful if you’re taking the PPSC exam this week. We will also go over the online fee procedure for PPSC.

PPSC One Paper MCQs Test Syllabus

The Punjab Public Service Commission determines the test syllabus for the one-paper exam and publishes it in its advertisement. You must review and study the Punjab Public Service Commission’s course outlines. It is also critical to use old papers to prepare for the PPSC exams. Pakistanis can also use the Internet to apply for jobs in the Gulf.

  1. Islamiat
  2. Pakistan Study
  3. Urdu
  4. Everyday Science
  5. Computer Science (MS Office)
  6. Current Affair (Pakistan & International)
  7. General Knowledge
  8. English
  9. Mathematics
  10. Analogy

In this post, we provide all the information you need to prepare for the PPSC. After reading this, you won’t need to go to an academy to get ready for the PPSC exam. Many applicants struggle to pass the test while applying for jobs with PPSC. But there’s no reason to be concerned. Exam success in the PPSC is often attained by individuals who read the following books:

PPSC Preparation Dogar Brother Books 2024

In Pakistan, Dogar Brothers is a renowned book publisher. They’ve released study guides covering nearly every subject. Many applicants believe in the Dogar Brothers’ books. Currently, many candidates are reviewing the PPSC past papers published by Dogar Brothers. These books help them prepare by the job-specific syllabus.

Advanced Series PPSC Preparation Books

To pass the PPSC tests, the majority of students study the Advanced Series books. Previous articles in this series are available for reading. Prominent writers are Dr. Imtiaz Shahid and Dr. Iqra Imtiaz’s one-liner. Candidates must study the PPSC preparation material following the given syllabus since PPSC preparation is crucial. To prepare for the PPSC one-paper multiple-choice questions, previous papers are very beneficial.

PPSC Preparation MCQS

The PPSC administers a single-paper multiple-choice exam to fill various posts. The Punjab Public Service Commission does not recommend any particular textbook or study guide. Experienced applicants advise reviewing PPSC’s prior papers, though.

Tips for one-paper jobs preparation in Punjab Public Service Commission

  1. Gain a complete understanding of the material and exam format.
  2. Create and follow a study plan.
  3. Read the news to stay informed about current events.
  4. To gain a sense of the format of the test, practice with prior papers and mock exams.
  5. To enhance your preparation, use reference books and study aids.

Some popular books for one-paper jobs preparation in Punjab Public Service:

  1. General Knowledge Multi-Chapter Questions by Ch. Ahmed Najib
  2. Dogar presents Aamer Shahzad’s Original Who Is Who & What Is What 2021.
  3. Maqbool Ahmad Chaudhry’s Dogar is a unique piece of recent English literature.
  4. Muhammad Akram Kashmiri’s General Science and Ability
  5. The Dogar Brothers’ Verbal Abilities

Note that these are only a few of the more well-liked choices. Always be sure you are studying the correct topics by always consulting the most recent exam syllabus and pattern. Furthermore, candidates could find that online resources are beneficial for exam preparation, such as forums and YouTube videos.

Most Repeated General Knowledge MCQS in PPSC pdf

Candidates should review the PPSC PDF format’s most frequently asked general knowledge multiple-choice questions. You can obtain PPSC multiple-choice questions from numerous websites. PPSC administers multiple-choice, one-paper exams based on general knowledge. You must review current events, worldwide GK, and the GK of Pakistan in the general knowledge portion.


It is mandatory to take the PPSC one-paper exam in English. Answering PPSC multiple-choice questions in English is a challenge for many candidates. You can practice sentence corrections, idioms, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and synonyms in English. Many of the candidates must concentrate on improving their grammar because they speak poor English. The book “High School Grammar” is crucial for PPSC English multiple-choice questions.

PPSC Past Papers MCQs Solved Pdf

It is crucial to refer to the answer key when studying PPSC preparation materials. Finding precise responses to earlier PPSC questions is a challenge for many students. They have access to solved MCQs from past PPSC papers. Previous PPSC paper solutions help you provide accurate answers to queries. For this reason, you can mostly buy PPSC-solved books.

PPSC Sub Inspector Test Preparation Books Pdf

For the Sub Inspector Police Department test, you can find the PPSC Solved MCQs Past Papers here. The PPSC-Sub-Inspector-Cooperative-Society-Solved-Previous-Paper and books for the Sub Inspector position are available here in PDF format, along with PPSC MCQs that solved previous papers. You can download, prepare for the test, and then distribute. Dogar Books carried the PPSC Sub-Inspector Guide when the Punjab Police Department announced positions in PPSC Advertisement No. 29. A courier will bring the book to you. Free cash on delivery is available. Place your order today!


PPSC Book by Imtiaz Shahid Latest Edition 2024 PDF Free Download

One well-known author of PPSC preparation books with MCQs is Dr. Imtiaz Shahid. Candidates can simply obtain Professor Dr. Imtiaz Shahid’s PPSC books, as well as Dr. Iqra Imtiaz’s most recent edition of PPSC past papers (2024), from the market. Additionally, candidates for the PPSC can obtain the books for the FPSC and PPSC prior papers in PDF format. However, we suggest that applicants studying for the PPSC One Paper Exam purchase expensive copy materials.

PPSC book by Imtiaz Shahid price in Pakistan

Interested applicants can buy PPSC books from internet retailers. In Pakistan, Imtiaz Shahid’s PPSC book costs Rs. 1400. Imtiaz Shahid’s previous PPSC papers are available online, although there will be additional delivery costs. This book is also available for purchase in Draz bookstores for Rs 2300. The cost of Imtiaz Shahid’s PPSC book is extremely affordable, given the caliber of the writing. The Imtiaz Shahid MCQs book for PPSC aids candidates in their preparation. One set of multiple-choice questions.

Advanced PPSC Model Papers by Imtiaz Shahid PDF

Advanced publishers assist Dr. Imtiaz Shahid in publishing PPSC model papers. Advanced Publishers in Pakistan sell Imtiaz Shahid’s PPSC model papers. For the convenience of students, numerous individuals have scanned PPSC model papers and Imtiaz Shahid’s past papers into PDF format. Many candidates are unable to pay for this book at Bazaar, but they can easily download it in PDF format.

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