FPSC Roll No Slip 2024 By Name/ CNIC

You’ve arrived at the correct site if you’ve been waiting for your FPSC Roll Number Slip 2024 via CNIC or Name. On 25, July 2024, at 11:00 AM, all details about the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) roll number slip 2024 were released to the public. The FPSC roll number slip for the written exam can be downloaded with ease. You can download your FPSC Test Roll Number Slip for 2024 by using your CNIC and going to www.fpsc.gov.pk. Stay connected with us for the latest updates regarding FPSC Roll No Slips.

FPSC Roll No Slip 2024 Download by CNIC and Name

The latest information regarding FPSC Admission Certificates will be accessible on the official website. Downloads of the FPSC Roll No Slip 2024 are available at www.fpsc.gov.pk. Roll number slips for candidates who applied through FPSC in 2024 for various positions are currently available on the official website. In December, the FPSC Roll No Slip 2024 for the latest advertisement was formally released.

FPSC Roll No Slip By CNIC

Title FPSC Roll No Slip 2024
Roll No Slip July 2024
Exam Date August 2024
Roll No Slip Download
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www.fpsc.gov.pk Roll No Slip 2024

You can get all updates about any project undertaken by FPSC on its official website, www.fpsc.gov.pk. You need CNIC to download FPSC Roll No Slip 2024. On December 5, 2024, the FPSC Roll No Slip 2024 was formally announced. We provide the FPSC Written Test Roll No Slip, FPSC CSS Roll No Slip 2024, and FPSC Jobs Test Roll No Slip on this FPSC Roll No Slip page. Your exam slip is conveniently accessible through this internet platform.

FPSC Admission Certificates 2024

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FPSC GR Phase-II Roll No Slip 2024 Download

To download your FPSC roll number slip, you can do it by using your CNIC number. Whether you’re looking for Phase 4 or Phase 5, the process is the same. Just visit the FPSC website and find the option to download your slip. If you’re wondering how to check your FPSC roll number slip, simply input your CNIC number where prompted.


FPSC Roll No Slip 2024 Download

December 2024 is the scheduled test month for the latest exams. Candidates can use their CNIC Number to download their FPSC Test Roll Number Slip online through the Federal Public Service Commission. This page now has the FPSC Roll No Slip 2024 published for the convenience of the candidates. The CNIC number of the candidate must be entered to download the slip. The Roll No Slip for the 2024 FPSC Senior Auditor exam will be released in February of that year.

FPSC Admission Certificates 2024 By Name/ CNIC:

FPSC Admission Certificates 2024 By Name/ CNIC:

FPSC Roll No Slip 2024 Download By CNIC

The FPSC has launched an online platform for candidates applying for various 2024 jobs to obtain their roll number slips. The roll number slips will be available for download on the FPSC website. Testing will take place between December 20 and December 31, 2024. Regular updates on roll number slips and project-related information are also provided.

Federal Public Service Commission Roll No Slips Download

Jobs Title Roll No Slips
FPSC Roll No Slips Lecturer Jobs Download
FPSC Roll No Slips 2024 Assistant Jobs Download
FPSC Roll No Slips Admission Certificate Download
FPSC Roll No Slip Senior Auditor Jobs Download
FPSC Roll No Slips 2024 Custom Officer Jobs Download

How to Download Roll No Slip 2024?

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Enter your identity card number or other required details.
  3. Click on the Submit button.

Screening (MCQ) Test Cases:

F.4-167/2023-R F.4-179/2023-R F.4-188/2023-R
F.4-199/2023-R F.4-201/2023-R F.4-205/2023-R
F.4-208/2023-R F.4-211/2023-R F.4-215/2023-R
F.4-229/2023-R F.4-237/2023-R F.4-238/2023-R
F.4-239/2023-R F.4-240/2023-R F.4-245/2023-R
F.4-246/2023-R F.4-247/2023-R F.4-248/2023-R
F.4-250/2023-R F.4-2/2024-R F.4-7/2024-R
F.4-8/2024-R F.4-9/2024-R F.4-10/2024-R
F.4-11/2024-R F.4-13/2024-R F.4-14/2024-R
F.4-17/2024-R F.4-18/2024-R F.4-20/2024-R
F.4-21/2024-R F.4-22/2024-R F.4-23/2024-R
F.4-24/2024-R F.4-27/2024-R F.4-28/2024-R
F.4-29/2024-R F.4-31/2024-R F.4-33/2024-R
F.4-35/2024-R F.4-36/2024-R F.4-37/2024-R
F.4-38/2024-R F.4-39/2024-R F.4-40/2024-R
F.4-42/2024-R F.4-43/2024-R F.4-44/2024-R
F.4-48/2024-R F.4-49/2024-R F.4-57/2024-R
F.4-58/2024-R F.4-59/2024-R

Written (Descriptive) Test Cases:

F.4-45/2023-R F.4-46/2023-R F.4-63/2023-R
F.4-64/2023-R F.4-115/2023-R F.4-214/2023-R
F.4-221/2023-R F.4-233/2023-R F.4-234/2023-R
F.4-235/2023-R F.4-236/2023-R F.4-241/2023-R
F.4-242/2023-R F.4-243/2023-R F.4-244/2023-R
F.4-1/2024-R F.4-3/2024-R F.4-5/2024-R
F.4-6/2024-R F.4-12/2024-R F.4-15/2024-R
F.4-16/2024-R F.4-19/2024-R F.4-25/2024-R
F.4-26/2024-R F.4-32/2024-R F.4-34/2024-R
F.4-41/2024-R F.4-46/2024-R F.4-47/2024-R
F.4-51/2024-R F.4-52/2024-R F.4-55/2024-R

FPSC Roll No Slip 2024 Admission Certificate Download

The online admission certificates for the General Recruitment Test Phase V/2024 are now accessible. Slip 2024 for the Federal Public Service Commission’s test roll number Download admission certificates online by name and CNIC number here. The Federal Public Service Commission is the hiring authority for the federal government’s numerous departments.

AIOU Roll No Slip 2024 Spring and Autumn

Federal Public Service Commission Roll No Slips Download

Candidates must follow the steps listed below to download the FPSC roll number slip. Here, job openings are announced each month. For the IB, FIA, and AD ASF positions, the phase-wise FPSC Admission Certificate has been uploaded to the FPSC website. With both written and interview components, the FPSC exam is regarded as the most difficult.

Contact Number and Address

Contact Number: 051-111-000-248

Address: FPSC HQs, Aga Khan Road, Sector F-5/1, Islamabad

Email: fpsc@fpsc.gov.pk

Official Website: www.fpsc.gov.pk

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