After the 12th which Job Is Best For Females

After the 12th which Job Is Best For Females Which job is ideal for women to have equal rights with men after the 12th grade? The question of which field is ideal for girls after 12th grade is not specific to either gender. Top careers for women’s Human rights, including those related to politics, business, education, and life, are the focus of numerous groups in Pakistan and around the world. Both boys and girls can pursue an education based on their interests and choices. This page is specifically designed for girls. In Pakistan, a large number of parents send their daughters to primary, elementary, and secondary schools. Nonetheless, they are concerned about career counseling in Pakistan. Let’s get rid of this irritating stuff. As you will see in our post, your female students can grow up to be productive members of Pakistani society and the global community.

Girl’s Education in Pakistan

Everyone is aware that women are just as capable of participating in daily life as men. With a quality education, they may also realize their aspirations. For both boys and girls, education is a broad field. Pakistan, a developing nation, is having trouble encouraging girls’ education there.

Best Jobs for females in Pakistan after 12th class

The proportion of women who have completed schooling is 48%. Girls are absent from school at a higher rate than boys. The government should prioritize placing that proportion of girls in schools. Furthermore, aseveralgovernmental agencies are tackling this issue. The goal of UNO and other international organizations is to support girls’ education in Pakistan.

We’ll talk about Pakistan’s top fields for girls in this article. After completing their 12th grade, they are eligible to apply for the following positions: The government has mostly split intermediates into sectors related to business, science, the arts, and computer science.

11 Best Courses for Girls after Graduation in Pakistan

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  2. MBA (Finance, Marketing, Human Resources)
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management & Activation
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management
  5. Diploma in Food & Beverage Services Management
  6. Radio Jockeying & TV News Reading
  7. Travel & Tourism
  8. Fashion Designing
  9. Interior Designing
  10. Photography
  11. Beauty Care


For lawyers in Pakistan, an LLB degree is required. In Pakistan, women can practice law after completing the 12th grade. They are eligible to enroll in five-year LLB programs. There are many public and private law schools in Pakistan where women can apply for admission to earn an LLB degree. Female applicants must, however, pass the HEC-impost LAT/law admission exam.


The intermediate program is followed by a four-year BS program. Females may enroll in this course after completing FA/FSc/ICS/ requirements. Pakistan’s colleges and universities, both public and private, provide BS programs. Universities have also added a wide range of courses at the BS level. Keep in mind, that female candidates need to complete the USAT, an approved test by HEC.
Associate Degree Program (ADP)

ADP/ Associate Degree Program

HEC Pakistan has superseded the ADP Associate Degree Program in Arts, Science, and Commerce. It is simple for women to study ADP. Pakistani universities also provide both regular and private ADP programs. You have complete control over the eligibility requirements and group selection in ADP. After their 12th class, students need two years to finish their ADP degree.


The MBBS is another course that appeals to women. There is a substantial demand for this training in Pakistan. Therefore, the MBBS degree is critical from a scope perspective. Following FSc pre-medical, female candidates can apply to Pakistan’s state and private medical institutes for MBBS programs. Medical graduates who complete the five-year MBBS program work as doctors in both public and private facilities. They can work with sick people and create their private clinics.


The BDS is a particular degree focused on health. The BDS degree is for medical denturists. In Pakistan, you can train to become a dental surgeon. This course also admits females who complete the PMC MDCAT. The MDCAT is a crucial and significant milestone in the medical field’s path.

D Pharmacy

There is a demand for health-related courses. The MBBS and BDS programs reject many applicants for admission. They’re free to proceed to D Pharmacy. Graduates of this curriculum can easily secure government employment. Females who have completed the FSc pre-medical program can apply for the D pharmacy program. Several universities in the allied health sciences are offering admission to this program.


For women, nursing is an additional appealing profession. Nursing is a societal requirement. Women are leaving to become nurses. They are eligible to apply for admission as lady health visitors, RN nurses, BS nurses, and LHVs. Every significant city in Pakistan has a large number of nursing colleges.


Teaching is a very suitable profession for women worldwide, including in Pakistan. In elementary, secondary, and basic schools, women can apply for and hold teaching positions. One could argue that teaching is a job that is easily accessible to women. After completing their 12th grade, Pakistani teachers can benefit from earning a B.Ed. The duration of the B.Ed. program after intermediate school is 2.5 years. On the other hand, students with a bachelor’s degree can finish a B.Ed. program in 1.5 years. According to the HEC ruling, B.Ed. degrees are equivalent to M.Ed. programs. Many public and private schools require their teachers to have a B.Ed. Employing schools also offer substantial salaries to candidates with a B.Ed.

A commerce degree is a The majority of students are in the commerce sector. Women also gain admission to the aforementioned degree program without hesitation. After completing their ADP commerce and degrees, women can apply for bank employment. We believe that working at a bank is comfortable for women. After the 12th, you will clearly understand the answer to the question, “Which Job Is Best For Females?”

15 best jobs for Females after 12th class

Numerous departments offer employment to female candidates who pass their intermediate level. To fulfill their aspirations, they must first finish their studies. However, we are aware that poverty is an issue in our society. Women have worked for pay in a variety of jobs. Many parents are unable to send their daughters to college all the way through bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

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The greatest and easiest fields for Pakistani women to work in are listed below. Women are well suited for positions in the departments of health, education, land records, general administration services, libraries, and other fields. Which job is best for women? The 12th question is a popular one these days. In Pakistan, a lot of families struggle to provide for their girls’ education.

  1. Data Entry Operator
  2. Lower Division Clerk
  3. Upper Division Clerk
  4. Computer Operator
  5. Junior Clerk
  6. Assistant
  7. Librarian
  8. Nurse
  9. Lab Technician
  10. Lab Attendant
  11. Teacher
  12. Helper
  13. Graphic Designer
  14. Textile Designer
  15. Recipient
  16. We have explained the entire information about female career counseling in Pakistan.

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