How to Select Optional Subject for CSS Exam for Good Marks?

How to Select Optional Subject for CSS Exam for Good Marks? The CSS exam is composed of six required papers and six elective papers. Choosing the right subjects is essential to scoring well on the CSS exam. Students occasionally find it difficult to select optional subjects because they are either unaware of the guidelines for doing so or are unsure of which topics are best for receiving excellent grades. This article will assist you in choosing the appropriate subjects to achieve high scores on the CSS Exam, as well as provide guidance on the rules governing subject selection.

Advanced Tips for Choosing Optional Subjects in CSS Exam

The CSS is a well-liked and challenging competitive test in Pakistan. Many parents want their kids to be CSPs. You are aware of CSS Central’s exceptional service in its entirety. Those who have passed their bachelor’s degree may sit for the 1200-mark CSS exam. MPT is now required as the first security test in the CSS exam, according to FPSC. That test’s goal is to identify outstanding applicants for additional review. Every year, the Federal Public Service Commission administers the CSS exam. The Pakistani civil service bureaucracy employs CSS-qualified applicants.

Advanced Tips for Choosing Optional Subjects in CSS Exam

CSP officers oversee twelve distinct categories of BPS-17. They serve as the foundation of our government. Pakistan cannot develop and flourish without this class of officers. This article’s primary goal is to clarify Advanced Tips for Selecting Optional Subjects for the CSS Exam.

A large number of us are prepared to take the CSS test this year. Consistency is key when employing shrewd strategies to succeed in life. Using complex techniques, let’s choose six hundred CSS optional subjects. In general, your performance in the CSS elective topics group varies.

How to Select CSS Six Optional Subjects

According to score patterns, CSS preparation experts recommend CSS 6 optional subjects. We advise aspiring CSS developers to select their CSS subjects based on factors like preparation time, score trends, and academic background.

FPSC Revised CSS Elective Subjects

While some applicants are literary, others are conceptual. They choose CSS-optional subject categories based on their methodical reasoning. For typical pupils, CSS is a challenging subject. However, hard labor wins the race for competitiveness.

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Subjects 1

Political Science 200 Without Academic background
Computer Science 200 Strong Academic Background
International Relation 200 Without Academic background
Economics 200 Without Academic background
Accountancy 200 Strong academic Background

Subjects 2

 Physics 200 Strong academic Background
Chemistry 200 Strong Academic Background
 Applied Mathematics 100 Strong academic Background
Pure Mathematics 100 Strong academic Background
 Statistics 100 Strong academic Background
Geology 100 Strong academic Background

Subjects 3

 Business Administration 100 Strong academic Background
Public Administration 100 Without  Academic Background
 Governance & Public Policies 100 without academic Background
 Town Planning & Urban Management 100 Strong Academic Background

Subjects 4

Islamic History & Culture 100 Without Academic Background
British History 100 Without Academic Background
European History 100 Without Academic Background
History of Pakistan and India 100 Without Academic Background
History of USA 100 Without Academic Background

Subjects 5

Environmental Sciences 100 Possible without background
Agriculture & Forestry 100 Require Academic background
Botany 100 Require Academic background
Zoology 100 Require Academic background
English Literature 100 Require Academic
Urdu Literature 100 Require Academic
Gender Study 100 Without academic background

Subjects 6

 Law 100 Impossible without background
 Constitutional Law 100 Require Academic background
International Law 100 Require Academic background
Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100 Require Academic background
Mercantile Law 100 Require Academic
Criminology 100 Require Academic
Philosophy 100 Without academic background

Subjects 7

Psychology 100 Without Academic Background
Geography 100 Without Academic Background
Sociology 100 Without Academic Background
Anthropology 100 Without Academic Background
Punjabi 100 Without Academic Background
Sindhi 100 Without Academic Background
Pashto 100 Without Academic Background
Balochi 100 Without Academic Background
Persian 100 Without Academic Background
Arabic 100 Without Academic Background
Journalism & Mass Communication 100 Academic Background

The Federal Public Service Commission has updated the list of subjects for the CSS exam. Examining the grouping of subjects would prove beneficial. You have the freedom to choose one 200-mark subject from the first category below.

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For prospective CSS rivals, there is one more crucial point to remember. Students are required to choose an elective that falls into both the required and elective categories. Studying overlap will help you save time and maximize your score in CSS exams. For our motivation, kindly leave your priceless comments in the comment area.

Key Points to Select CSS Examination Optional Subject

  1. Interest
  2. Overlap
  3. Time Management
  4. Academic Background
  5. Available Sources
  6. Marks Trend
  7. Success Ratio
  8. Categories

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