Maryam Ki Dastak Jobs 2024 Apply Online

Maryam Ki Dastak Jobs 2024 Apply Online. We have unveiled the Doorstep Facilitator Jobs 2024 for CM Punjab Maryam today. This website is where you may now submit an online application for the Facilitator Programmed. For Pakistani citizens without jobs, this is welcome news since it presents a large employment prospect. Through the Maryam ki Dastak App, graduate students can make over Rs 10,000 a day working as facilitators, guaranteeing the prompt delivery of vital public services right to their door.

CM Punjab Maryam Ki Dastak Facilitator Jobs 2024 Registration

This program offers an excellent opportunity to become a CM Punjab Maryam’s Doorstep Facilitator in 2024, with a focus on directly providing services to citizens. In Punjab, there are 70,000 open facilitator positions. If you follow the instructions in this post, applying through the “Facilitator app” is simple. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to sign up for the Doorstep Facilitator Programme 2024 offered by CM Punjab Maryam.

Maryam Ki Dastak Facilitator Jobs 2024 Details

Post Date 06 July 2024
Title Maryam Ki Dastak Facilitator Jobs
Age Limit 18 Years Above
Education Required Inter
Program Facilitator Program
Location Punjab
Last Date August 2024

Maryam Ki Dastak’ Program Registration starts

The Maryam Ki Dastak Facilitator Programme facilitates doorstep service delivery to employed youth. The Maryam Ki Dastak app has made ten government services available at your doorstep, and it expects to distribute over 70,000 jobs throughout Punjab. Residents can benefit from this effort, which guarantees the timely delivery of vital services, through direct interactions with licensed facilitators.

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70,000 Facilitator Jobs At Maryam Ki Dastak

The project, according to Maryam Nawaz, would improve service delivery and fight corruption in government agencies. Punjab is making progress in the digital age by incorporating AI and IT to improve public services. The app incorporates a rating and feedback mechanism to foster accountability and continuous improvement. Representatives appointed on a commission basis provide efficient service and satisfy citizens.

Maryam Ki Dastak Jobs Advertisement 2024

Maryam Ki Dastak Jobs Advertisement 2024

Maryam Ki Dastak Online Services

  • Birth, death, and marriage certificates, as well as e-stamping and domicile issuance, are now easily accessible through the Dastak app.
  • Additionally, it streamlines the procedures for motor vehicle registration, property tax, token tax, and vehicle transfers.
  • The chief minister of Punjab has directed the introduction of the ‘Maryam ki Dastak’ app services in every district.

Maryam Ki Dastak Jobs 2024

Criteria Details
Minimum Education Intermediate
Must have a Mobile Phone Must have internet access
Must Clearance Certificate Clearance Certificate required from the local police station
Must have a Personal Motorbike, Driving License Necessary for participation
Training Provided after meeting the above criteria

Registration process for ‘Maryam ki Dastak

The chief ministers of Punjab stressed that the ‘Maryam ki Dastak’ initiative will boost employment in the area by hundreds of thousands and improve accessibility to services by offering a range of online payment choices. After fulfilling the eligibility requirements, applicants must submit a police clearance certificate, own a personal motorcycle and driver’s license, and complete training. Before sure you fulfill all qualifying requirements before utilizing the app to submit your online application!

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How to Apply Online for Maryam Ki Dastak Jobs?

  1. To make choosing facilitators for the “Maryam ki Dastak” project easier, PITB has developed the “Dastak Facilitators App.”
  2. If you’re interested, the ‘Dastak Facilitators Mobile App’ allows you to apply for the facilitator position.
  3. You can visit or scan the QR codes in the visuals.

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