How to Upload CV On Njp Portal

National Jobs Portal (NJP) is an online government jobs application platform by the Government of Pakistan. It gives opportunities to Pakistani youth to apply for their desired job through an online application process in the public sector. Many job seekers don’t know how to upload a CV on the NJP Portal, so today we will discuss it.

NJP Portal has a feature in which candidates can manage their CVs. Job seekers create their profiles on the national job portal and then add information to their CVs. That CV is based on their NJP account. They can access it through the national job portal login.

Requirements for Uploading a CV

Before you try to upload your CV on the National job portal, you have to complete some requirements. These requirements are registration on the NJP portal and preparing a CV.

  • Registration on the NJP Portal
  • Preparing Your CV
  • Access Your NJP Account
  • Upload/Update Your CV
  • Find Upload Files Section
  • Choose Your CV To Upload/Update
  • Upload/Update/Submit Your CV
  • Registering on the NJP Portal

To upload a CV on the national job portal, first, you have to register on the NJP portal. The registration process is very simple; you just need your 13-digit CNIC number and your basic personal information. Now, if you have created your account, you can upload your CV on the NJP portal.

Preparing Your CV

Before you upload the CV on the NJP portal, you must prepare it first. NJP requires the CV to be in PDF format for upload. CV must have all relevant information about the applicant like education, skills, experience, etc. The information must be accurate.

Additionally, the candidate must ensure that his CV is up-to-date and complete. His profile picture is uploaded, and all the text fields are filled with the required information necessary. Note that for applying for a job, your CV must be 80% complete; otherwise, you can’t apply.

Accessing the NJP Portal

Now to upload the CV on the national job portal, the candidate must open the portal first. To access the national job portal, the applicant must visit or Once the portal is opened, click on the “Sign in” button and log into your NJP account.

If you don’t have an account on the National Job Portal, you can learn how to create an NJP account by visiting While creating an account, you will need some personal information like name, email address, and CNIC number. Once you have filled in all this information, your account will be created, and you will be able to log into your account.

Remember to log into the NJP account, you must have a 13-digit CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) to sign into your account. This is due to the National Job Portal Policy to ensure authenticity and prevent fraudulent login attempts.

Uploading/Updating the CV

Uploading a CV is referred to as updating the CV in case of a national job portal. Follow the below steps to upload/update your CV on the national job portal.

Locating the Upload/Update Section

To start with, go to your account after which you should spot where you can upload/update your CV. To put it in another way, you need to be logged into your account first before being able to find the upload section. And to complete this task, you will have to follow these steps: Log into your account; Go to your dashboard, and click on a button labeled “My CV/CV Manager.” This will give access to the upload section.

Choosing the Correct CV Format

For the NJP portal system to accept it, this must be in PDF format. In case you have not created a CV in PDF format, you should convert it before uploading.

Submitting Your CV

Once the user has selected the right format for their resume, they can proceed further and submit it accordingly. To do so, one just needs to click on the button named “Choose File,” then select a PDF document containing their resume from their device. After selecting the file, the applicant may press the “Upload” link to complete the objective.

Before uploading any information onto the NJP portal website regarding an individual’s curriculum vitae (CV), ensure that it contains all relevant details, such as personal information including address, telephone number, email, date of birth, gender, marital status, or educational background, work experience, etc.

If you are having trouble uploading your CV into the NJP portal, fret not. The following are some of the common issues and how to solve them.

How To Upload CV on the NJP Portal While Facing Problems

There are some problems that candidates face while uploading/updating CV on the NJP portal, here are a few of the problems listed below:

File Size Errors

To begin with, file size error is one of the most frequently encountered problems while attempting to load a CVthe into the NJP portal. Only files that do not exceed 2MB can be uploaded through the site. If you cross this threshold, unfortunately, you will not be able to load it. In such cases, try compressing your CV file using online free tools that do not compromise its quality.

Format Incompatibility

Another problem faced by users is format incompatibility. NJP Portal accepts only PDF, DOC, DOC, X, and RTF formats for CVs. Any other format will fail in uploading your CV. However, some online or software tools can help one convert their CV to any of these accepted formats. However, it should be noted that the converted document ought to have no reformat-relate-delated problems.

Accepted Formats By NJP-National Job Portal:

  • PDF
  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • RTF

Upload Failures

If you still cannot upload your CV after all these steps above; it could be an issue with your system. You may choose another browser or device if necessary when uploading a new version of your CV then clear browser cache and cookies if any problem persists contact the NJP support team for help.

More About How To Upload CV on the NJP Portal

Besides step-by-step guides on how to upload a CV on NJP Portal; there are numerous resources available for job seekers to make this journey smoother sailing.

NJP User Manual

On its website, the NJP User Manual covers everything about using the portal including opening an account for yourself and applying for jobs as well as editing personal details. It comes with screenshots and described steps so that users find it easier once they enter into a given page or when making other adjustments to their profiles.


On the other hand, there are several tutorials available online that can be handy in helping one to use the NJP Portal. For example, has one tutorial that guides you through the registration process and uploading of CVs as well as job application processes. It also includes screenshots and video clips for clarity purposes.

How To Upload CV on the NJP Portal By Contacting Help Desk

In case there is an issue with the portal, job seekers should reach out to NJP Help Desk for assistance. They can be contacted either via email at or by phone number whose details appear on

How To Create a National Job Portal (NJP) Account

Therefore, to make their experience seamless and trouble-free while searching for a job through the NJP Portal, applicants must take advantage of these additional resources. Hope now you will be able to upload/update your CV on NJP Portal.

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