How To Create National Job Portal (NJP) Account

How To Create National Job Portal (NJP) Account – To create an NJP, National Job Portal account, you must have a mobile device or computer with an internet connection. With that, you must have your all data like your personal information, name, father’s name, CNIC number, phone number, address, and your educational qualifications records. Once you have these both, you can start creating your NJP account. Let’s learn step by step, how to create an NJP account:

Step 1: Open the National Job Portal

Open the Web Browser And Open the National Job Portal Official Website. Then you will see two buttons, login and signup. You have to click on sign up. See in image below:


Step 2: Add Personal Information

When you click on the signup button, an interface will open where you have to add your information such as ACCOUNT TYPE, CNIC, EMAIL, PASSWORD, and RE-TYPE PASSWORD. When you add all that data then you have to click on the SIGNUP NOW button.


Step 3: Click Signup Now Button

Once you have clicked on the SIGNUP NOW button, you will see an interface showing “Signup Success! Please Check Your Email.


Step 4: Click the Activate My Account Button

Now open your Gmail account and check any mail with the National Job Portal with the title “ACCOUNT ACTIVATION. Now click on the button “ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT”.


Step 5: Paste The Account Activation Code

When you click on the “ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT” button, you will receive another email containing the account activation code and an interface to add that code to it. Now you have to go to Gmail, copy that code, and paste it into the interface that has shown. See in images below:


Step 6: Your Account is Successfully Created. Please Wait…

Now when you have entered the activation PIN code and submitted it, you will see an interface showing that “Your account has successfully been activated. Please wait…


After waiting for 5 seconds, you will be redirected to the login page and now you will be able to log in to your account. So, that’s how you can create your NJP, NationJobs Portal account.

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